5 Reasons You Should Use an Agenda or a Planner || Organization Tips

I always encourage the use of a planner, specifically a pen-and-paper iteration. I have been using a planner to stay organized for as long as I can remember; something about writing down tasks and crossing them off is cathartic for my anxiety-riddled brain. Whether you are a student, a busy entrepreneur, a blogger, or a mom of five, I think that managing your time using a planner is a fun and effective way to keep your life in order.  Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Use an Agenda or a Planner || Organization Tips”

Monday Motivation: Hot Water

Monday Motivation.png

A habit of mine is to write a quote for each week in my agenda. I do all of this when I first purchase my new agenda, so it adds an element of serendipity when the weekly quote speaks to my current circumstances. I would like to share these quotes with you; perhaps they may speak to whatever challenges you face at the present.

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