Travel Beauty Essentials: Skincare Edition

Traveling wreaks havoc on my skin. The stress, the dehydration, the allergic reactions — they all contribute to making my once perfect complexion, well, not perfect. When I travel, I tend to get irritated and dry. I also will begin to breakout in acne! All of these things can make vacationing unpleasant, so I’ve learned to keep a foolproof stash of skincare items to quell my reddened skin. I brought a spread of travel-friendly skincare products on my recent vacation to Mexico that I personally think was PERFECT.


At home, I typically will use a 2-in-1 makeup removing cleansing oil to get all of my makeup off. I then follow with a second gentle cleanser to ensure all of the residue is off of my delicate skin!

I’ll usually use a variety of toners or treatment serums depending on my mood, but after this step I always moisturize.

I recently have fluctuated between using an oil (almond or marula) and using my OG cream moisturizer, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.


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So, having been to Mexico many times in the past, I know how dry my skin gets after being in the hot sun all day. I knew I wanted to bring something extremely hydrating, and I also knew I wouldn’t be bringing my 2-in-1 cleansing oil, so I opted for something that could do both.

Nighttime Routine

I do most of my skincare at night. I love to ensure that my skin is perfectly clean and hydrated after wearing makeup and being out in the hot humid air all day!

Sweet Almond Oil is perfect for removing makeup at night. I apply a pea sized amount to my dry face and massage it in, making sure I’m dislodging all the makeup on my face. I then will rinse it off with a good, gentle gel cleanser. My favorite at the moment is from H2O+ Beauty; the Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser is absolutely perfect for getting that squeaky clean feeling without drying out the skin! I love the gel texture of it. The brand was actually kind enough to gift me a nice little supply of the cleanser!

After cleansing, I like to use Boscia’s Sake Cleansing Water. This is such a soothing cleansing milk that reassures my skin is completely free of makeup at the end of the night! When at home, I use a cotton pad to sweep this on my face, but since I’m traveling, I just fold up a few squares of toilet paper to create a DIY pad. I find that my skin feels very soft and refreshed after using this!

If I feel like my skin is breaking out, I’ll use the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. These are so gentle, but extremely effective! I love that the exfoliating pads will help manually exfoliate, too, so that the dry skin built up from sun and sand exposure can be cleared in the process. I bought the travel-sized package, but refill it with pads from my full-size container as needed for travel.

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Depending on how my skin feels, I’ll either use sweet almond oil, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, or both to moisturize.  The oil is extremely hydrating, but the Ultra Repair Cream provides an amazing soothing effect. I do find myself laying the cream on top of my oil a lot to really seal in the moisture.

Morning Cleansing and Skin Prep

Because I have sensitive skin, I don’t like to use many products on it. My morning skincare routine is extremely simple.

I keep the Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel in my shower to give my skin a refreshing, but soothing, deep cleanse in the morning. I like to let the cleanser sit on my skin for a few minutes while I’m showering so that it can really penetrate my pores. I’ll sometimes use this throughout the day to refresh my skin if I go to the gym or come back from the pool.

When I get out of the shower, I apply the Milk Makeup Matcha Toner onto my face. This has a relaxing, calming, and cooling sensation. I then follow with Sweet Almond Oil as a moisturizer — I feel as though the oil protects my skin a little bit more throughout the day than the cream.

boscia tsubaki cleanser oil gel

That’s all I bring with me as far as skincare when I travel! I realize that to some this may seem like a lot, but to some this may seem like nothing. It’s really up to what your skin needs and how it reacts to travel.

What are some of your travel skincare essentials? Let me know below!

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