5 Reasons You Should Use an Agenda or a Planner || Organization Tips

I always encourage the use of a planner, specifically a pen-and-paper iteration. I have been using a planner to stay organized for as long as I can remember; something about writing down tasks and crossing them off is cathartic for my anxiety-riddled brain. Whether you are a student, a busy entrepreneur, a blogger, or a mom of five, I think that managing your time using a planner is a fun and effective way to keep your life in order.  Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Use an Agenda or a Planner || Organization Tips”


New Music: March Discover Playlist

This year, I’ve been trying to expand my music library. I pretty much exclusively use Spotify Premium to stream new music because it’s convenient and cost-efficient, so I find myself discovering new music through the individualized weekly Discover Playlists. I thought I’d share some of my favorite music, both old favorites and newly discovered, so that you can discover new artists and push your boundaries. My taste in music is all over the place, but you can find a lot of alternative, dreamy, and cross-genre tunes in my library. This playlist includes a bit more indie and rock. Happy Listening! Continue reading “New Music: March Discover Playlist”

About Me + Current Favorites

I feel like I haven’t made any updates recently, other than a few posts here and there. I’ve made some changes to my social media presence, so my contact info is reflected with a new domain (woohoo!) and Facebook page. I also wanted to summarize some of my current favorites — beauty products, miscellaneous things, and influencers. Are any of yours on the list?

Continue reading “About Me + Current Favorites”