No-Foundation Glowing Skin Routine

Now that it’s summer and things are starting to heat up, I haven’t been comfortable in heavy makeup. It’s nice to give the skin a breath of fresh air every once in a while. On days where I want to let my skin chill but still look presentable, I use these products for an effortless glow.
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A Pink Glow Using Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in “Over the Moon”

Colorful highlights are so pretty in photographs. Not that they’re unappealing or lacking in real life, but they tend to be less wearable than our neutral tones. I’ve been loving the glittery pink glow given by Colourpop Cosmetics’ Super Shock Cheek in Over the Moon, so I decided to create a wearable look using this disco-worthy highlighter.

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ON SALE NOW: Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills has been releasing the most gorgeous highlighting palettes. From their beautiful neutral tones to their ethereal Aurora and Moonchild renditions, I think the brand has been consistently delivering amazing collections for a variety of beauty-lovers. After lusting over these stunning palettes for so long, I impulsively ordered the Aurora Glow Kit from Sephora when it went on sale for $20USD during the VIB sale. With the additional 15% off and free Flash shipping (Rouge perks!), I was able to score this baby for less than $20 without even leaving my house.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

Can we talk about the generous pan size for a moment? These things are huge. I appreciate the “fair” pricing from the brand as a whole. I put fair in quotes because it’s still a high end brand and its pricing certainly reflects that.

I love the variety of colors in the kit. For someone who likes to play around with makeup and creative looks, this is great! The only shade I probably have something comparable to is Luna, which is a pearly-pink shift. I think that these colors would work well on many skintones upon first glance.

The one thing I was disappointed in was the fact that this palette did not come with a mirror. While at the sale price, I don’t mind this, I’m a little shocked that it sold at $40 original price without the mirror.


Anastasia Beverly Hills aurora glow kit swatch

I am so sorry I went out of order here according to the palette, but from left to right I have finger-swatched Spectra (lavender with magenta shift), Eclipse (peach with warm golden shift), and Luna (pearl-pink).

Anastasia Beverly Hills aurora glow kit swatches

From top to bottom, I swatched Spectra, Eclipse, and Luna.

The formula to me seems very soft and creamy – the powders glided over my skin like butter. They are also highly pigmented upon first glance, making them appear more as “casts” of color than highlight.

ABH Aurora Glow Kit Swatch

Here’s the second row finger-swatched, from left to right: Lyra (tangerine with very gold shift), Orion (icy blue), and Helia (yellow-green with golden-champagne shift).

These three shades performed the same way as the first row did.

ABH Glow Kit Aurora Swatches

From top to bottom: Spectra, Eclipse, Luna, Lyra, Orion, and Helia.


For $20USD, this is a wonderful palette to add to your collection. I would say all of these shades, except maybe Orion (icy blue) could be made “wearable” as a cheek highlight. Even so, all of these would be great for eyeshadow or transformer shades.

On my warm-medium complexion (I wear MUFE Y365, Maybelline Warm Nude, and Too Faced Natural Beige for comparison), most of the shades worked. The icy blue and purple came across almost grey on my cheeks, but could definitely be made to work for an editorial look.

I would LOVE to add Moonchild to my collection, but I think I’ll be patient and wait for her to go on sale, too.

Also — apologies for not including any wear test photos. My skin has been breaking out in dermatitis thanks to the lethal combo of pollen and pet dander, so I don’t really want to put things on my face right now. I will definitely be playing with these in the future, so keep an eye out for an updated post and for subsequent Instagram shares. 

Updated with photos on 4.26.18

Subtle Lavender-Pearl Shift: Spectra + Luna

Anastasia Beverly Hills Spectra Luna

ABH Aurora Spectra and Luna

These are very smooth powder highlights. If you have texture ( I have a dermatitis breakout right now so I definitely do), this won’t emphasize your dryness or bumps but rather creates a soft iridescence.

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Will you be picking this palette up while it’s on sale? Let me know why or why not!

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