Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is almost here. With the warmer weather and brighter sunshine, I like to keep my makeup routine short and sweet. In addition to being simple, I want my makeup to last all day long so that I don’t find myself touching up or checking the mirror every few minutes. Here are my go-to products for a no-thought, lazy girl look.

summer beauty makeup too faced peaches


This has to be about the 100000th time I’ve mentioned this line of products. Firstly, the packaging makes me swoon. More importantly, however, the products all work together to give me a beautifully soft complexion that does not BUDGE. I won’t exaggerate in my claims – the foundation alone will last all day long without breaking up or getting oily, but pair it with the primer, setting powder, and setting spray for makeup that will last all WEEK long.

If I had to pick just the bare essentials from this collection, I would have to go with the foundation and setting powder. These two are phenomenal on their own; I’ve used the foundation with other setting powders and the setting powder with other foundations. In every case, my makeup stays fresher and lasts longer.

summer too faced peaches and cream makeup

too faced peaches and cream complexion beauty

summer beauty benefit hoola bronzer


Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer is my favorite matte bronzer. Just a little of this swept onto the perimeters of my face adds warmth, dimension, and tiny rays of emanating sunshine. It’s never patchy, either, so it just looks effortless on my skin.

I’ve also raved about the Multisticks from BITE Beauty about a hundred times. The shade Cashew is ideal for quickly adding a flush to the cheeks, color to the lips, and just a little life to the eyelids. What I love about the matte formula is that it’s extremely long-lasting, yet the cream formula makes it sink into the skin for a natural look. Easy, simple, and impactful. That’s my kind of product.

What are your summer beauty essentials? Do you find yourself wearing less makeup, or about the same? Let me know your thoughts below!

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