Fenty Beauty Wishlist

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So Rihanna has officially broken the internet– at least in the beauty world. Her newest line has just released after quiet hints and much suspense, and I have to say I am very intrigued. It may be a minimal line, but I think the products that she has developed are truly worth looking into. I definitely have a few things I want to try as soon as more reviews come out.

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5 Positive Affirmations to Get You Through the Week

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Mondays don’t have to be soul-sucking. A lot of the dread we feel comes from within, as a sort of reflection of our own insecurities. While affirmation from others is wonderful, giving ourselves the same love in the form of thoughts, words, and actions is equally important. Speaking and thinking positive affirmations provides us with the ability to transform our perspective, which can shift our gear mode from a standstill to a steady start. Give yourself the appreciation you deserve with these five affirmations, guaranteed to positively influence your ability to tackle whatever workload sits on your desk.

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5 Beauty Products Worth the Price Tag

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There is nothing more satisfying to a beauty addict than trying a beautiful, high-end product and falling in love with it. Luxury comes with a price tag, though, and it can be very disappointing to spend a good bit on a product that simply falls short. As someone who falls hard and fast for luxury products, I want to share with you some beauties that make you both feel and look like a queen.  Continue reading “5 Beauty Products Worth the Price Tag”




The offbeat Venusian is a mystical, enchanting, and unearthly being. Her dreamlike beauty allures even the most worldly folks; it is a beauty that comes from the depths of her own peculiar self, unattainable by all and desired by many. Within each of us is an offbeat Venusian. The strength of her individualism surprises us, but when we realize that “she” is “me,” a lovely little sense of empowerment seeps into every aspect of our lives. A true Venusian is offbeat– she is no one’s but her own.

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