The Unofficial City Guide

Finding good food and reasonable fun while traveling doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of the time, I stumble upon these by dumb luck. To jog your brain and provide you with recommendations, here’s a list of my favorite restaurants, sites, and activities ordered by city (mostly food!).

Updated 3/27/18





  • Surefire Tacos Cheap, but delicious, tacos in the beautiful Vista area
  • West Columbia Riverwalk
  • Soda City Market (check calendar for availability)


  • ASADA  Food-truck turned restaurant serving delicious Latin American cuisine
  • Brick Street Cafe Sit down for a meal, but visit for the legendary Sweet Potato cake
  • Coffee Underground Great alternative to popping a squat at a busy Starbucks
  • Handi Reasonably-priced Indian food on Main Street
  • Sidewall Pizza Multiple locations; really good pizza, craft beer, and handmade sodas

Myrtle Beach


St. Augustine

  • Kookaburra Coffee Australian-American specialty coffee, pastries, and Aussie meat pies


  • Disney EPCOT Food and Wine Festival



  • East Pole Coffee Voted Georgia’s best; they roast their own beans and serve up pourovers/espresso favorites in a comfortable and chic location
  • Aurora Another awesome coffee shop located in the Little Five Points neighborhood
  • Julianna’s Coffee & Crepes Delicious, hearty crepes with unique flavor options. Cozy atmosphere and rustic decor.
  • Little Trouble Late night joint with cool cocktails, small bites, and a Tokyo-inspired atmosphere
  • Joystick Gamebar Nerdy dive on Edgewood; try the Coffee & Bourbon slushie




  • Apex Coffee Specialty coffee & espresso from Belgium’s best roasters, wonderful people
  • Frites Flagey Crispy Belgian frites with an array of dipping sauces
  • Cafe Flagey Stylish cafe that turns into a vibrant bar after hours


  • De Frietketel Amazing vegan burger and fry spot, popular student hangout



  • Karavan A food truck park with a wide variety of specialty vendors. Bring local currency!


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