Moving Into My New Apartment

After many months of planning and preparing, I’ve finally made the big move to Phoenix, Arizona! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree in this amazing city. Now that I’m mostly settled into my apartment, I thought I’d share a few photos of my favorite little corners. Continue reading “Moving Into My New Apartment”

Dressing the Part: Resort Style

If you’ve ever stood above an empty suitcase the night before a big vacation, this is a post for you (and for me!). Recently, I visited Mexico with my family. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably already read some posts pertaining to this vacation. If not, well, be sure to go check them out! Anyway, I wanted to share some of the outfits I packed to serve as a base point for your packing list. These are clothes that are versatile, comfortable, and well-suited for a beach vacation!

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Celebrating a Silver Anniversary: My Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary in Playa Paraiso

I was so blessed with precious time in beautiful Playa Paraiso, Mexico with my family! As an added bonus, we celebrated my parents’ 25th anniversary on the last day of our stay. We enjoyed a wonderful meal as a capstone to a wonderful series of beach days and rejuvenation. My mother scheduled a photoshoot on the resort to commemorate the occasion, so I thought I’d share a few of the shots because they turned out so well! Continue reading “Celebrating a Silver Anniversary: My Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary in Playa Paraiso”

Eight Course Menu at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso’s Restaurante L’Atelier

For nine days, I lived in absolute paradise at one of my favorite resorts. The Iberostar Grand Paraiso in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is staffed by amazingly cheerful and competent people from all over the world, housed with top-notch amenities, and of course, equipped with the most amazing food and drink I have experienced at an all-inclusive resort. I have so much to share with you from my trip, but first I would like to share my experience with an eight course menu at L’Atelier.

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VSCO: Adding Mood to Photos Through Filter

Editing photos is a major part of content creation. Of course, the foundation for a perfect Instagram post is a great photo. Cropping effectively, fine-tuning color, and playing with lighting can take a great photo to an amazing photo! I use VSCO (free iOS app) to filter photos taken on both my DSLR and iPhone cameras.

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Apartment Decor: Macramé and Modern Global Vibes

Ladies and gentlemen looking to decorate your homes on a budget, look no farther than Target. I caught wind of the Opalhouse brand and knew this was the style direction I wanted to take my apartment in. There are punchy colors, global-inspired patterns, and comfy fabrics in three different collections: Indochic, Canyon Sunrise, and Mallorca. I love each of these and the curated collections they inspire.

Opalhouse for Target

There are three distinct, yet totally compatible collections. As you can see, they all share that same beautiful color palette and sophisticated boho essence. I love the earthiness that ties the three collections together. I definitely am leaning towards the Canyon Sunrise collection as my foundational style. I love the soft pink tones and desert inspiration.

I’ll go through each collection and share the pieces I’m most interested in purchasing. I have noticed a lot of these items going on sale, so I am led to believe this collection may be leaving Target soon! Disclaimer: All photos are property of Target, used for your reference and convenience.


As described by Target, the Indochic collection is, “French-Vietnamese fusion, full of elegant shapes and sophisticated jewel tones.” I couldn’t agree more.

Artificial Palm Leaf Plant in Gold Base, $24.99

indochic palm leaf plant

Tufted Oversize Lumbar Pillow in Cream, $24.99


Natural Stripe Throw, $24.99

indochic throw.jpeg


Okay, this is the collection I am most interested in. I love how laid back and comfortable, but still clean all of the pieces in this collection look. The muted pink colors and desert inspiration will look so nice with all of my minimal furniture.

Loury Pouf in Neutral Textured, $49.99


Rattan Basket Large, $34.99

canyon sunrise rattan.jpeg

Global Stripe Lumbar Pillow – Pink, $19.99

canyon sunrise global stripe pillow.jpeg

Coral Diamond Tassel Throw Pillow, $18.99

canyon sunrise coral tassel pillow.jpeg

Rattan Table Lamp Pink Shade, $39.99

rattan table lamp.jpeg


Cream Fringe Lumbar Pillow, $24.99

Cream Fringe lumbar pillow.jpeg

What do you think of this collection? I just really enjoy natural-inspired decor, punchy (yet refined) colors, and a relaxed vibe. I also love how affordable everything is and the ease of availability! Thank you, Target.

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