Rosy Reveal: Microneedling and Dermarolling First Impressions

Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is all the rage in today’s skincare world. While the thought of thousands of little needles pricking your face sounds like the opposite of productive, microneedling is meant to allow products to absorb into the skin more efficiently as well as encourage long-term healing. It’s perfect for anti-aging and anti-scarring! You can opt for more intense treatments at the doctor’s office, but in many cases you can safely use .25mm rollers at home for a fraction of the cost. I thought I’d give the treatment a shot to see if I could get firmer, brighter, and smoother skin for less than $30. 

Rosy Reveal


Dermarollers and microneedling devices are fairly easy to find at a reasonable price. I opted for the Rosy Reveal set, which retails on Amazon for $29.99.


The set contains four different .25mm microneedle tips. To be clear, .25mm needles are the smallest size commonly available. This length does not penetrate deeply enough to cause bleeding or to really encourage collagen production, but it is safe to use more frequently with less healing time.

There are 3 rollers of different widths as well as a tiny stamp for targeted areas.


This is what I received inside the box. I love that this all comes with a protective case to help keep the tips clean. I also found the instruction manual to be very informative, clearly explaining best practices.


I haven’t had enough time to really see results, but I can talk about my first try!

First off, I was terrified that this would be painful. It wasn’t, aside from some more sensitive areas like my forehead and upper lip where there is less fat between skin and bone. It was fairly simple to do; I used the medium sized roller all over my face.

I experienced a little bit of redness and sensitivity, but it calmed down within a few hours. The next morning, my skin looked fairly nice.


To prep my skin, I simply washed all of the makeup off my face with my usual cleansers. I lightly exfoliated using a First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pad to ensure that everything was squeaky clean!

I then went in with a clean roller following the instructions given in the manual. I had a couple of breakouts, so I avoided needling those.

After rolling, I applied the Ordinary’s Niacinamide serum. I found that my skin felt a little tight, but in a satisfying way.

Next time I roll my face, I will apply a serum both before and after rolling. I also want to experiment with different serums to see which ones give me the best results!



Aren’t these close-ups so satisfying?

I enjoyed doing this treatment and look forward to the next time I use these rollers. I will probably start with adding 2-3 treatments per week, since the needle size is so small. I eventually want to incorporate larger needles to work on some pitted scarring, but I want to take things a little slow.

I’ve heard so many great things about microneedling! Have you had good results using any kind of microneedling or dermarolling treatment? Let me know if you have ever had this done by a doctor!

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