Dressing the Part: Resort Style

If you’ve ever stood above an empty suitcase the night before a big vacation, this is a post for you (and for me!). Recently, I visited Mexico with my family. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably already read some posts pertaining to this vacation. If not, well, be sure to go check them out! Anyway, I wanted to share some of the outfits I packed to serve as a base point for your packing list. These are clothes that are versatile, comfortable, and well-suited for a beach vacation!

To preface these posts, I’d like to point out the fact that I stuck with a lighter pastel color palette to make my packing a little easier. Pastel shades tend to mix-and-match well, and they fit the warm weather vibes to a tee.


During the day, comfort is king. Truly, when you’re in a hot climate, you want to think less about how cute you look and more about how functional your clothes are.

I took a lot of the thought out of the process by pretty much narrowing down my daytime clothing to a formula. A lightweight tank top and high-waisted shorts served me so well. I also packed a large linen-style shirt to throw on for lounging by the beach.


Tank top: Uniqlo Women’s Supima Cotton Ribbed Tank, $7.90. (I bought this yellow color as well as a pastel pink)

Shorts: Thrifted


Top: Free People Rainbow Rays Button-up Shirt in Pink Combo, on sale at Buckle.com for $69  (I’ve had this for ages and it is one of my favorites — this is the only place I could find it in stock online.)


I’ve learned that a pair of wedge sandals can make almost any outfit dinner-worthy while on vacation. I packed one pair of soft blue espadrilles (no longer available) that worked with every single outfit I planned to wear.

Again, comfort is key. While you might want to break out your fanciest cocktail dress, keep in mind that you are on vacation and are eating and drinking more than usual. Comfortable, yet flattering clothes, allow you to feel good and look good!


hashtag blurry photo of me trying to capture the beauty of this dessert; better view of the linen top

Top: Rainbow striped linen top from C&C California

Shorts: Uniqlo Lace Shorts (Out of Stock), similar style: Uniqlo Belted Shorts, $9.90


Tank top: Uniqlo Women’s Supima Cotton Ribbed Tank, $7.90.

Shorts: Uniqlo Belted Shorts, $9.90


Dress: Hutch at Anthropologie, no longer available


a closer look at the wedges!

Dress: Striped cotton one-shoulder t-shirt dress, Maeve at Anthropologie (no longer available)

The Offbeat Venusian


Top: Uniqlo Women’s Supima Cotton Ribbed Tank, $7.90.

PantsPommed Linen Wide Leg Pants, on sale at Anthropologie for $49.90


I recommend bringing enough swimsuits for each day of your trip that you plan to be in the water. That being said, you may not have enough! If this is the case, just make sure you wash and rinse your suits before allowing them to dry completely. You don’t want to end up with a stinky swimsuit.

These are two of my favorite swimsuits. The first is a one-shoulder two-piece that I got on sale at Anthropologie a couple of years ago. It’s by far one of the most comfortable ones I own; I’ve never had to worry about the top falling off, so I wear it when I know I’ll be more active.

The second is a triangle two-piece by Seafolly. I think the long-line band is so flattering around the waist area. I also love the bottoms; they’re comfortable and flattering as well. Seafolly suits are so high-quality, but they definitely run along the smaller side. I recommend sizing up a few numbers and making sure to convert to the right size (it’s an Australian brand!).




I’m not a fashion blogger, but I do love to travel, so I hope this post at least helped you if you’re new to traveling!

What’s your favorite packing tip?

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The Offbeat Venusian

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