Celebrating a Silver Anniversary: My Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary in Playa Paraiso

I was so blessed with precious time in beautiful Playa Paraiso, Mexico with my family! As an added bonus, we celebrated my parents’ 25th anniversary on the last day of our stay. We enjoyed a wonderful meal as a capstone to a wonderful series of beach days and rejuvenation. My mother scheduled a photoshoot on the resort to commemorate the occasion, so I thought I’d share a few of the shots because they turned out so well!

Photos were taken by Alan at Adventure Photos, Iberostar Grand Paraiso Hotel.


We took photos in a few different locations on the resort. Our photographer had so many stunning backdrops to work with; the Iberostar Grand Paraiso is one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever stayed in.


As far as clothing, my mother requested that we wear silver and white. She wore this beautiful silver sari that she had purchased when we lived in New York. The abundance of gorgeous international clothing is one thing I miss about living in such a large city.


I didn’t have any silver, so I decided to opt for a navy blue instead. I thought it would complement the silvers and whites. My father wore a silver-blue colored Barong Tagalog, a traditional Filipino dress shirt made from the fibers of pineapple leaves.


I found these white linen pants at Anthropologie on sale (score!) a few days before we left for our trip. Was it fate? It seemed so. They were so comfortable, but the waist was just way too big. I have this problem with a lot of pants, but it’s a problem easily solved with a belt. The pom-pom tassel fringes really add a fun element to otherwise basic pants.


My tank top is from Uniqlo. I believe I purchased it for less than $10 USD, along with several other colors. Rarely do I purchase basic items like this, but I’ve been trying to round out my wardrobe with versatile basics. The Uniqlo tank tops are some of the highest quality ones that I’ve found at such a reasonable price point!


My blue espadrille wedges are some of my favorites. In fact, they were the only shoes I brought aside from running shoes and flip flops. The wedges are by Coconut by Matisse. I’m not sure you’d be able to find them anywhere, because I purchased them at Marshall’s about a year ago.


Don’t you think that Alan did a great job capturing our family against the backdrop of such a beautiful place?


I love how vibrant everything looks. The posing also seems a little more organic than your typical photoshoot!_mg_0010_mg_0014

Have you ever gotten a family photoshoot done? What have your experiences been like? I have really loved all of the ones I’ve had done. I’m not much of a photo person, but it’s always fun to have the photos to look back at.

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