Sephora x Bite: Beauty Insider VIB Rouge Rewards Bazaar Unboxed

For a couple of years, I patiently tucked away all of my Sephora Beauty Insider reward points in hopes of cashing them in for something big. Seasons passed before I had realized how many points were in my little bank. I caught wind of a Bite reward redeemable for 2500 points that seemed pretty unique: it included a Baggu tote filled with three deluxe sized lip products as well as a cute Bite-branded bomber jacket.

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First of all, the packaging was hefty. Yes, this definitely was a moment that I was waiting for! I love the quality of the cardboard box; I can reuse this as a nice gift box or for storage.

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There definitely is some packaging pizzazz with the larger rewards. I would expect this type of packaging due to the amount of money I spent to rack up the necessary points!

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These are the products I received. The bomber jacket is lower quality than I expected, but by no means “cheap.” It’s a really cool collectible item that I enjoy as someone who loves beauty, and even more so, the Bite Beauty brand.

The Baggu tote impressed me. It’s super cute, as well as made of durable materials. I’ll be bringing it with me on my vacation as a beach tote.

Now, I will say, the three lip products were underwhelming as far as size goes. I know the tote bag and bomber jacket were large ticket prizes, but for 2500 points couldn’t at least one of them been full-sized?

Regardless, I love the colors that the products came in. I’ve actually tried all of these lip formulas from Bite, but the colors really rounded out my Bite collection. I received the Lip Liner in 034, which is a gorgeous berry tone. It matches perfectly with the Amuse Bouche bullet lipstick I received in Rhubarb. The third lip product I received is an Amuse Bouche liquified lipstick in the shade Whip, which is more of a cool-toned brown nude. It’s a little too light and cool for my preference, but looks gorgeous with a deeper and warmer lip liner.

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What do you think of this reward? Would you have redeemed your points for this? I don’t completely regret it, but I do wish I had waited for an Hourglass 2500 point reward that included some of the Ambient Lighting powders. I’ve wanted to try those for ages and it would’ve been a fun reward, but I really enjoy how unique this gift was.

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