Milk Makeup: First Impressions

I ordered some new Milk Makeup products during the 2018 Friends & Family Sale last week. They just arrived and I am so excited to share my first impressions on both the brand and the products! I picked up a mix of skincare and makeup products, so I think I’m getting a pretty well-rounded idea of how I like the brand.



If Milk does anything right, it is DESIGN. I love the clean, minimal, and space-agey aesthetic of the brand and the iconic clear tube packaging. Upon first receiving the box, I was immediately attracted to the little holographic details.

When I opened up the box, I was so stoked to see this little makeup pouch! Little is a misnomer, because it’s quite a sizable pouch. It seems to be of great quality, and I’ll be using it for travel in the future.

You also get some really cool stickers, which I thought was such a fun addition. I love when brands send you some extra swag — it’s smart on their part (hello free advertisement!) and really fun to receive.



You may have already seen my previous post, but I’ll go ahead and refresh your memory.


Okay, the packaging for the Triple Threat Eye set is amazing. It’s hard to tell here, but it comes packaged in a reusable acrylic-plastic box with a slide off top. You can see the beautiful holographic reflection of the material; it is so pretty! I currently have the box filled with some mini products sitting atop of my dresser.



My favorite products so far are the Matcha Toner, the Flex Concealer, the Mini Highlighter, and the Eye Pigment (shade Silent Disco).

The Matcha Toner feels SO refreshing and soothing on my skin. I love the ingredient list, too: not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but it features Witch Hazel, Matcha, and Kombucha. The stick format makes this so fun to apply, and perfect for traveling. It’s a solid toner (SO COOL!) that is TSA-friendly. I’ll be using this more because I love the fresh, hydrating feeling that it leaves behind. It’s too soon to see any skin improvements, but you bet I’ll be reporting on those in the future. I have this toning stick’s cleanser counterpart on my to-buy list. Yes, Milk has a solid face cleanser stick!

The Flex Concealer is exactly what I expected it to be. It’s lightweight, invisible, and provides moderate seamless coverage. I think it works well both under the eyes and on the face. I was worried that Light-Medium would be too fair for my complexion, but it’s the perfect peachy tone to provide a nice brightness. Under my eyes, I do need to set it with powder, but if you have less baggage, you may be able to forgo this step.

The Mini Highlighter in Lit is a gorgeous champagne shade that gives a beautiful dewy look to the skin. While it is a much better price-per-ounce value to buy the full-sized version, I would never get through the full product.  I love how dewy it is — it’s so dewy that it’s almost glossy, but it still somewhat sets down to a non-sticky finish. If you’re into a natural glow, you will absolutely love this product, but those of you who prefer a blinding highlight, this is something you should pass on. I will definitely be reaching for this on “no-makeup makeup” days because the dewy finish is what I wish my natural skin looked like. Nourishing ingredients keep your skin nice and hydrated, as well.

I love the Eye Pigment and will likely be purchasing some lighter and brighter shades! It is exactly what it says it is, a pigment, meaning you get high-impact color in this lightweight liquid formula. This darker eggplant shade requires you to work quickly because it sets fast. I love that you can apply a wash of this glimmering plum shade using your fingers as well as use a liner brush to get a gorgeous, richly pigmented liner.


Unfortunately, I have some products that I’d pass on. These just didn’t do the trick for me, but they might for you!

The Ubame Mascara is a very dry formula, making it difficult to build up. The wand is also segmented strangely, so it prevents you from really being able to coat your lashes. I was bummed because it is a deep, rich black. If you like a very natural lash, you may like this, but I’ll be digging into my sample of Kush to see if I enjoy that formula better.

I had high hopes for the Cooling Stick. Ultimately, I thought the Matcha Toner had more of a cooling effect. This product was kind of a dud for me, but I also have very sensitive eyes thanks to all sorts of allergies. Maybe if you have less irritated and puffy eyes, this would feel nicer, but I’m sticking to my BECCA primer.

As far as the Brow Gel pencil and Lip Color, I wouldn’t say pass because they are bad products, but rather because they are easily dupable at a lower price. The formulations aren’t exceptional but they aren’t bad. The Brow Gel pencil actually works quite well for a natural brow look, but I have about 3 different brow pencils that can do the same thing. Grrrl is a really cool dusky-berry shade that I will be reaching for simply because I have it, but it’s not a color I’d call home about.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with my first purchase from the brand. Like I mentioned before, I love the Matcha Toner so much that I’m going to give the Matcha Cleanser Stick a try. I really enjoy how easy the products are to use and the effortless looks you can achieve. The minimalist look is very much my thing, so I will likely be delving deeper into what this brand has to offer. Milk offers some innovative and on-trend products that I would love to try out.

What are your favorite Milk products? If you haven’t tried anything yet, what would you be most interested in trying? Let me know your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Milk Makeup: First Impressions

  1. I just posted a first impression of the Milk Blur Stick and Blur Spray! Its the first time I’ve tried anything from the brand as well. Great review of their products, I was intrigued by the Matcha toner so now I will have to check that out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Checking it out right now! I thought about the blur stick, but I truly don’t use pore-filling types of primers. If you don’t have a complex skincare routine already, the toner is an awesome one-step product to add in between cleansing and moisturizing. Thanks so much for giving this a read!


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