Temporary Rose Gold Hair using Kristin Ess at Target

Rose gold has had a moment in the world of beauty. It’s a universally flattering color that makes my heart flutter! A while back, I used a pink semi-permanent dye from L’Oreal’s Colorista line to give my lightened brown tresses a wash of rose gold. I loved the results! Kristin Ess is a celebrity hair stylist who is everything I hope to be– she is Lauren Conrad’s stylist if that says anything. Her affordable hair line is available at Target and I am a DIE HARD fan. You can read my thoughts on her Shampoo & Conditioner here. Fast forward to her latest release (which has been so difficult to track down due to its selling out). The Rose Gold Temporary Tint is a spray applied to hair in the shower for a wash of pink that lasts the weekend.

Rose Gold Temporary Tint retails for $14.00 USD at Target. Packaged in a chic millennial pink bottle, this product is meant for hair that is either blonde or pre-lightened. You are instructed to apply this in-shower AFTER shampoo and BEFORE conditioner.

Kristin Ess Hair Rose Gold Temporary Tint Flatlay

For more intense color payoff, you can towel-dry your hair. The instructions note that the more porous your hair is, as well as the more dry it is, the more of the color your strands will hold on to. I certainly found this to be true — I had the best results by towel-drying my hair and spraying A LOT of the color into my hair. While the back of the bottle recommends 1-2 minutes, I let the color sit for 5-10 minutes because my hair is darker.

My hair tends to lean towards the warmer end of the color spectrum, often pulling quite red-orange. The pink gave me a strawberry blond tone where my hair had been sun-bleached at the ends. I think this would look so pretty on someone with cooler toned blonde hair!

Pink hair with Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

After washing my hair once, the color has significantly faded. My hair is naturally brunette and quite healthy, so it doesn’t tend to hold onto hair color too long. Not a surprise to see how this color washed out quickly. This is definitely a plus for those who work a professional job; you can play with color on the weekend and not worry about hiding it on Monday morning.

As far as ease of application, I think the idea of a spray is novel. Is it any easier than using a squeeze-tube cream formula? I don’t think so, but it does eliminate the staining of the hands. It does make it easier to build up the color – the spray nozzle is easy to control and gives a fine mist that will prevent streakiness. I didn’t have any issues with this being messy to apply, even with the white tile in my bathroom.

One concern I have is the price of this product. While $14 is quite affordable, the number of uses could vary depending on the way the product is used. On darker hair, more product will likely be necessary, meaning the bottle will quickly deplete. For those with bleached hair, I can see this lasting quite a while!

Where I think this product outperforms its competitors is in its ability to soften and condition the hair. The tint incorporates KE’s signature Zip-Up Technology, aiding in smoothing out the cuticle to diminish the appearance of split-ends. I loved how soft and healthy my hair looked after applying this! I’m also a fan of the luxurious rose scent of all of her products. It doesn’t irritate my skin or give me headaches.

Rose Gold hair with Kristin Ess Target

I would love to see this in multiple colors. I know the Rose Gold fits Kristin’s brand, but some sophisticated lavenders or silvers would really round out the versatility and wearability of the line.

What do you think of the results? Is it worth the price or the effort? Let me know below!

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8 thoughts on “Temporary Rose Gold Hair using Kristin Ess at Target

  1. That looked so pretty in your hair! My hair is way too dark for this, but I’m really excited because my blonde niece just said she wanted to try the rose gold look! This is cheaper than going to a salon, especially since she’s 17 and isn’t sure if she will like it or not.

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