Trying on NEW Colourpop Lux Lipstick Shades

Colourpop always manages to put out AMAZING new products and collections at affordable prices. The Lux Lipsticks have received high reviews from bloggers and gurus alike, plus they come in super cute rose-gold packaging that lives up to the formula’s name. Recently, Colourpop ran a promotion for Buy 2, Get 1 Free Lux Lipsticks. Let’s just say I took advantage of the opportunity and picked up 6; some are new shades from the Matte Lux formula range and some are from the original Cream formula line.


For $7USD a pop, you truly cannot beat the high quality formula for these products. Most drugstore bullet lipsticks will run you the same cost and are extremely hit or miss. I decided to choose some fun shades, some bright summer colors, and a classic everyday color to add into my rotation.

Before I go into the try-on lip swatches, I’ll run through my thoughts on the lipsticks very quickly.

  • The formula for both the Matte and Cream lines is so creamy, pigmented, and nourishing.
  • All 6 of the shades I picked up were full-pigment and could reach high opacity in one swipe.
  • The packaging feels nicer than the usual Colourpop lip products; the bullets are stamped with stars and the tapered shape makes it easy to get a good application without using a liner.
  • The Matte shades seem to be more long-lasting, but by no means transfer-proof. They *feel* the same as the creamy shades on the lips; there’s a slight slip that makes them comfortable to wear. They are not flat matte, but closer to a satin matte finish.
  • The Cream shades are very soft and have almost a hybrid gloss-like feel. They pick up shine, especially in photographs, but give a very healthy look to the lips. These have a slip to them that makes me think they could be messy if trying to eat or drink.
  • All of the colors are true-to-swatch and true-to-tube because of the formula’s high opacity.
  • There’s not too much of a difference between the Matte and Cream formulas, so if you like a shade, don’t worry about the formula too much as a factor in decision-making.

Get a Room Crème Lux – Bright Orange Red

colourpop get a room lux lipstick orange

Check, Please Matte Lux – Bright Yellow-Orange

colourpop matte lux lipstick check pleasecolourpop matte lux lipstick check please orange

Trapeze Matte Lux – Vibrant Red Orange

This color is almost indistinguishable from Get a Room.

colourpop matte lux trapeze lipstick bright

Getty Crème Lux – Deepened Teal

colourpop lux lipstick getty deepened teal width=

Trill Seeker Matte Lux- True Periwinkle

colourpop matte lux lipstick trill seeker periwinkle bluecolourpop matte lux lipstick trill seeker periwinkle blue true

LA Lady Crème Lux – Rosy Terracotta

This is almost a perfect dupe for KVD Lolita, and less than half the price.

I forgot to take a picture in this shade… so enjoy this much more beautiful pic from Colourpop itself!

LA Lady satin rosy terracotta Lux Lipstick on model

So what are your thoughts on these shades? I’m really happy with all of the shades I picked out, especially the unconventional colors.

Do you notice much of a difference between formulas?

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12 thoughts on “Trying on NEW Colourpop Lux Lipstick Shades

    1. You are so sweet! Ugh that’s so annoying… If you ever do a massive haul to make that fee worth it, definitely recommend picking up these lipsticks in fun colors! Hopefully, they work out something for their Canadian fans soon!

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      1. I was having a hard time deciding on what shades to order for the same reason, a lot of them look really similar. I’m eyeing the matte shade Mind Trick right now as well as LA Lady!

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