5 Habits for Cultivating Authenticity

Authenticity presents itself in the way we choose to dress, the way we respond to others, or the things we choose to pursue. It’s our way of making this life distinctly ours. Additionally, living authentically helps us feel more contented and happy! If you’re struggling with being authentic, try incorporating these habits into your daily life.


Often I find myself accepting the status quo. Whether it be following a “best practice” without thought or copying a popular beauty trend, I easily fall into the trap of complacency.

The habit of questioning what is allows more interaction with the world around us.

The more I find myself questioning, the more I find myself understanding who I am and why I think the way that I do. When I say question, I don’t mean debate every single notion of what is normal or accepted in life, but rather explore and inspect. Think.  I promise these little conversations in your head will draw you closer to your most authentic self, step by step.


15C6B094-58D1-4185-9F06-DFA0CC6903FD.jpgChoose your surroundings. Be selective about what you keep closest to you because these are the things that impact your thoughts on a consistent basis. Rearrange your room, clean out your closet, change your phone background, place a book on your nightstand — these little things will inspire you and cultivate a sense of personality. It’s important to have a sense of belonging in your personal space. The more you surround yourself with things you enjoy, the more comfortable you become with who you are.

Your beauty routine has plenty of room for a personal touch. Milk Makeup is perfect for the girl who knows how she wants the world to see her.



This is the most difficult part of authenticity for me. Too often I want to categorize my self relative to how I see others. I do this a lot when I’m curating my social media presence; I’m like X influencer as far as my content, but I’m also edgy like Y influencer. There has to come a point where you draw the line between “inspiration” and “comparison.” You are who you are regardless of what anyone else is. I’m not a less trendy or brunette version of someone else, I’m just me- whoever that may be.


Quite simply, pursue what makes you happy. Period. You may find yourself in a completely unfamiliar place, but you will find yourself a new source of passion. I believe that our interests and passions are, firstly, many, and secondly given to us in order to call us to action. Whether you find yourself totally immersed in a new career path or temporarily involved in a passion project, allowing yourself to explore your interests will undoubtedly provide you with introspect. Had I not pursued my desire to share my beauty interests in a blog, I would have never had the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people.



Of all the habits on this list, this is the one I find easiest to follow through with. I love being alone and doing what I want to do. For others who may be more extroverted, this might be the most difficult habit to cultivate. If you are challenged with the idea of being alone, you will likely see the greatest difference in your self-understanding when you begin to check out of the social world and into your own little bubble. Step back and take the time to experience the world without anyone else’s influence on your thoughts or actions.


Authenticity is a newer interest of mine, not because I have never valued it but because I have never truly pursued it. Interestingly, deciding to create a blog has prompted me to take a look at who I am and what I can bring of value to others. Who I thought I was and what I saw as my unique contributions to the beauty world changed radically as I continued blogging. I may not be excellent at communicating my authentic self to you through my social media channels, but I’m growing closer and closer to my happiest self.

Would you pick up any of these habits to cultivate authenticity? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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