Kristin Ess Hair “The One” Shampoo + Conditioner

I think every girl has taken a picture of Lauren Conrad to their hairdresser – she has nailed the buttery blonde, perfectly undone waves. The genius behind her ever-changing yet always on-trend hair is Kristin Ess, and she’s making beautiful hair accessible for everyone. Kristin Ess’s hair line is available at Target and everything is under $20. Not only is it functional and affordable, but the line’s packaging is #shelfie dreams. 

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I’ve tried a couple of other products from her line, but I want to focus on “The One” Signature Shampoo & Conditioner for today. 10 fluid ounces, each encapsulated in pretty millennial pink bottles, retails for $10USD. I think this is a fair price for high-end hair products, but by no means competitive with drugstore shampoos and conditioners that come in at half the price.

Milk Makeup’s new product is also pretty and pink — have you tried it?
NEW! Watermelon Brightening Serum. It’s hydrating. It’s brightening. It’s pink.

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Kristin Ess’s line has expanded to include a couple of other shampoo & conditioner variations, but I’ve been loyal to the Signature line. What I love about the products it that they gently clarify my oily scalp without stripping my fine hair of moisture. The shampoo really gets your hair clean in one round thanks to the lather, but it’s sulfate-free so you avoid the drying damage that other clarifying shampoos can cause. I use this every day and my hair is softer and healthier than ever.

The conditioner does exactly what the bottle says — it weightlessly moisturizes, smoothes & softens, and renews shine. My ends tend to dry out, even with an obnoxiously oily scalp, so I truly need a conditioner that works to add moisture back into my fine strands. The conditioner works so well with the shampoo to achieve clean, bouncy, and healthy hair.

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Especially now that my hair is shorter, I really need my shampoo & conditioner to provide a solid base for styling. I need to get rid of excess oil to prevent my hair from becoming weighted down while also conditioning my strands to appear healthy and shiny. What I think that this duo offers of most value is balance.

You don’t need a lot of product — just a dot of shampoo to work into your scalp and a dot of conditioner to massage into your ends. The conditioner is lightweight and has an “oily” (I say this with caution because it is not greasy, but rather more of an oily slip) consistency as you work it into your hair, so the conditioned feeling lasts after you rinse it all out.

The products are both fairly scented — I would describe the scent as similar to a floral perfume. If you are sensitive to scent, beware. I’m quite allergic to fragrance and while the scent was nauseating at first, I never had a reaction to it and I have now grown accustomed to it.

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What do you think of the Kristin Ess line? Is the price point worth it to you? I’m usually wary of “drugstore” items that meander out of the “cheap” price range. I love the packaging for her line, and I really enjoy the products, so I’ll continue repurchasing (I’m on my 3rd round of refills!) unless I find something infinitely better.

Interested in reading more about my favorite hair products? I made a list of my most-loved styling products here and my hairspiration sources here.

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