Coffee, Graffiti Walls, and Crepes|| This Weekend in Atlanta

If you followed my most recent post, you’ll know that I was visiting friends in Atlanta for the weekend. I’ve always lived within reasonable boundaries of the city, but really only visited the East Cobb, Buckhead, and Marietta areas, and the Masquerade for various reasons. With a little help from my friends, I ventured deeper into the city for a more authentic Atlanta experience. What did I discover? Plenty of great coffee, delicious food, and mural-wrapped buildings. 


What’s a visit to a new city without a latte from a sweet coffee shop?

East Pole

Recently voted a Georgia best, this place lived up to the expectations. The open-space study/work area was bright and minimal while the outdoor seating offered a great option for fair weather days. I believe they roast their own beans, which is probably why they snuff out competition. Having worked for a specialty coffee company in Belgium, I appreciate the intricacies of sourcing, roasting, and serving your own beans. They offer specialty coffee (drip, pourover) and the usual espresso drinks. Needing something a little more substantial, I opted for a seasonal Rosemary Citrus latte. I loved the warmth of the cinnamon and the touch of orange!



This coffee shop was located in the edgy Little Five Points neighborhood. I loved how grungy the crowd was. In desperate need of caffeine, I ordered a Shot in the Dark, aka a Red Eye. I really enjoyed this — it was the perfect pick-me-up for a caffeine addict like me. On the menu were these really cool iced coffee drinks named after types of bears; they were made with flavored milk and looked delicious. My favorite was the Polar Bear, which was peppermint flavored.


We ate a lot (lol), but these are the three places that stand apart in my memory.

The Vortex Bar & Grill

Also located in Little Five Points, this burger and bar joint was 21 and up. I ordered a Black & Blue burger (cooked to a perfect rare temperature) with a side of fried plantains. You certainly get your money’s worth with the sizable portions. The drink menu was extensive and the burger options were obnoxious (think heart attacks on grilled cheese sandwich buns).

Krog Street Market

If you’re eating with a group, it can be difficult to settle on a restaurant. The Krog Street Market featured several food stalls and shops, inevitably solving this issue. I really enjoyed being able to grab a pizza and some Jeni’s ice cream before walking it off on the Beltline.

Julianna’s Coffee & Crepes


This is an awesome spot for breakfast or brunch. It’s small and cozy, so it may be difficult to find a comfortable spot for a large group, but it’s worth the squeeze. The crepe options are hearty and flavorful and the coffee is fresh.

Our Crappy Birthday cake (-:
Ignore my chapped lips and avert your attention to this beautiful latte from East Pole


Little Trouble


Little Trouble was an awesome spot for a casual night out and innovative cocktails. It’s modern and Asian-inspired, so it almost feels like you’re out in Tokyo with the neon lights and mirrored walls. The seating is intimate and the music is not overwhelmingly loud, so you can enjoy conversation with your cocktail.


To celebrate a friend’s birthday, we spent a night out in the Edgewood neighborhood. This was also a really eclectic area with cool concept bars. Definitely a younger, more hip crowd.


This was my favorite spot. If you like to dance, you will love Mother!

Joystick Gamebar

A nerdy dive, this bar is clearly classic video game inspired. It offered a lot of space to chat, dance, and drink. I really enjoyed the Coffee & Bourbon slushie!

Processed with VSCO with kp8 preset

Of course, when in Atlanta, you have to take a stroll along the Beltline. This was a great way to get in steps and spend time with my friends, plus an added bonus is the abundance of cute pups being walked!

Do I have any ATLiens in the house? Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places, or if you have any places you think I should visit next time. There is so much going on and a vibrant art and design scene to enjoy. For the young, urban, creative, Atlanta is a fascinating place to be. Be sure to check out my unofficial city guide if you’re looking for cool spots in new cities, as well as my blog post on my trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

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