Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Swatches + Review || Kaleidoscope Dreams Eyeshadow Palette and Beauty Beam Highlighters

Very rarely do I find myself purchasing a non-neutral palette. Bright colors and experimental looks are not part of my everyday makeup arsenal. For me to splurge on a fun playtime eyeshadow palette, it has to meet certain criteria. The color selection has to be cohesive, the shadow quality has to be top-notch, and the packaging has to be both functional and visually appealing. Enter the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne collab. I scored the Kaleidoscope Dreams eyeshadow palette and Beauty Beam highlighting palette for 50% off at my Sephora. After both watching Youtubers rave about the shadows and seeing beautiful swatches on all of my feeds, I decided that the collab lived up to my non-neutral palette standards.


The Kaleidoscope Dream palette retailed for $44USD, but I paid $19.50USD. I only paid $17USD for the Beauty Beam palette. Both came in a sheer pink sleeve that is so eye-catching, and the palettes are equally as stunning.

If you’re on the fence about picking anything from this collection up, let me help you out before it completely sells out.

Kaleidoscope Dreams Eyeshadow Palette || Swatches + Ratings

L to R: Spitfire, Stay Gold, Tanjin, LCW, TRM, Lime Time, Dye, Corona, Leo, Brixton, 13th Floor

Just to preface — I swatched this palette after using it multiple times, and I can say that the swatches do not do the performance of these shadows justice.

High flash

Spitfire || A- Beautiful purple/pink-blue/silver shift. Very smooth and easy to blend, but base pigmentation could be better. Smooth, soft, creamy texture.

Stay Gold || A First swipe gives full pigment. Has a slight green shift and intense metallic finish. Very soft texture– can be crumbly, but in almost a “wet” way.

Tanjin || B The swatch is very misleading — this blends out beautifully on the eye. While it’s not wildly pigmented, it’s not patchy in the slightest and works as a great transition for shades in this palette.

LCW || A+ I can’t get over how wonderful this eyeshadow is. Similar in texture to Stay Gold — very soft and fully pigmented. Performs like a metallic cream shadow would! Most beautiful color.

TRM || B+ Extremely pigmented, but more of a satin-pearl finish. Still very buttery and soft, but less impactful than other vibrant colors in the palette.

Lime Time || A Same texture as Stay Gold & LCW. Unique color, easy to blend, and very high impact, creamy, metallic texture. 

Low light + flash

Dye || B This is a similar shadow to TRM. Highly pigmented and smooth, but the satin-pearl finish makes this shadow less impactful. Easy to blend and soft in texture.

Corona || A+ Same formula as the other beautiful metallics. In the pan, this is understated, but when applied the beautiful almost pink undertone make this a totally unique shadow. Absolutely beautiful, creamy, pigmented metallic.

Leo || A Along with Brixton, these work well on their own or layered on top of other shadows. Beautiful duochrome shift and smooth texture. Doesn’t photograph well, but is extremely brilliant in real life. 

Brixton || A See “Leo”

13th Floor || C+ This is a mediocre matte black shadow. It has a “wet” texture, making it a little more difficult to blend effortlessly. You have to use this with a light hand to add dimension, but I think this will be difficult to use as a high impact liner shade. It’s not crazy pigmented compared to UD Blackout, etc.

1 UDxKL Palette, 3 Looks

Processed with VSCO with al2 preset

Corona, Tanjin, Dye, Leo/Brixton

Processed with VSCO with al4 preset

Inspired by @smitcayce || Lime Time, LCW, TRM, Leo/Brixton


Tanjin, 13th Floor, Spitfire, LCW, TRM, Leo/Brixton

The eyeshadow palette is one of the most cohesive and versatile colorful palettes I’ve owned. In my opinion, it’s truly standalone, but it plays well with other transition shades. I love that there’s a shade for every color of the rainbow; you have a full spectrum to work with. Kristen did such a great job in curating this collection. I’m in awe of the color selection AND the formulation. I can’t complain about any of the products I’ve picked up.

What are your thoughts on this collab? Did you purchase it before it went on sale or did you wait until the prices dropped? I personally think this is one of the best influencer collaborations yet and I’m glad the standard was raised so high.

Bright colors aren’t your thing? They’re usually not mine, either. Check out my thoughts on the Tartette In Bloom palette to find out if you need to go out and buy it. If you need some Spring makeup inspiration, I selected three looks to jog your creativity.

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