Spring Beauty || Makeup Looks to Try

Spring is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to shed the layers of black clothing we’ve grown keen to during these cold winter months. Along with the change in wardrobe comes a change in the way we present our faces. The warmer weather and blooming surroundings inspire a fresh take on beauty — full of color, full of light, and full of freshness. If you’re inspired by spring, be sure to try these looks this season!

Precious Pastels

I love how a wash of pastel looks all over the lid! It adds youthfulness and brightness to any complexion. This shade of turquoise pairs beautifully with peachy pinks for a bright spring look.

Pair pastel shadows and cheek colors with a dewy, sheer base for an effortless chic springtime look.

Fresh Glow

Nothing looks more beautiful than radiant skin. Pair a creamy, healthy looking base with a non-powder highlight to achieve that natural dewiness. Go bold with brows and lashes to frame your “bare-ish” face, and pop on a MLBB gloss to give you a natural boost.

Monochromatic Rose

Monochromatic is one of my favorite color palettes. Mariah Leonard uses the new Urban Decay Backtalk palette to create a simple rose look, using products in the same tonal family all over the face. I love the rosey undertones of the highlight — I think it brings the whole look together.

What looks will you be wearing this spring? I will definitely be wearing a lot of glowy products to achieve a fresh, healthy-looking complexion.

The Offbeat Venusian

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