5 Reasons You Should Use an Agenda or a Planner || Organization Tips

I always encourage the use of a planner, specifically a pen-and-paper iteration. I have been using a planner to stay organized for as long as I can remember; something about writing down tasks and crossing them off is cathartic for my anxiety-riddled brain. Whether you are a student, a busy entrepreneur, a blogger, or a mom of five, I think that managing your time using a planner is a fun and effective way to keep your life in order. 

If you’re not already on the planner train, let me try to convince you.

  • Writing down your tasks allows you to prioritize tasks and recognize opportunities to be more productive.

When you have about 50 different projects going on at the same time, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed when thinking about where to start. Taking the time to write down all of your tasks, and better yet, schedule your work, turns large projects into manageable steps. If you’re looking for a good motivational playlist, be sure to give these a listen.

By writing down all of your responsibilities, you may even realize you have opportunities to take on new projects. You may be able to squeeze an hour of yoga in on Fridays, or volunteer at the animal shelter on Saturday mornings. All in all, being able to look at your life on a calendar allows for some insight you would not have otherwise.

  • Crossing off tasks/events is mentally rewarding.

I think this speaks for itself. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of crossing off the last item on a list. It’s satisfying and it’s refreshing.

  • You will never forget an important activity or event ever again.

If you’re like me, you lose track of time easily. I like to write down important tasks, i.e. paying a credit card bill, on a specific day so that I can look at my day’s events and know that it will be done. Birthdays and anniversaries, test dates and interviews, meetings and lunch dates… these are all things that can get lost in time when life flies by. Write it down on your calendar so your brain doesn’t have to do the work. Bonus: you’ll never double-schedule a 2PM Friday appointment ever again.

  • Planners offer a creative outlet.

With all of the mundanity in our daily lives, it’s nice to have a creative outlet. For some it’s painting, doodling, or playing with makeup. Well, here’s a new one: planners. It’s basically like bullet journaling, right? Break out your colored gel pens, stickers, or calligraphy pens and make as much fun as you want out of your pages. I like to write motivational quotes at the tops of my pages. My favorite planners thus far have been from ban.do. This is the one I have. I believe it’s sold out on bando’s website, but it looks like it’s available at the site I linked at a discount. Bando agendas have all kinds of fun illustrations (by female artists!) and stickers, plus they sell “agenda kits” with little doo-dads to make organization fun. #girlgang.

  • You can look back at past events and track progress, revisit memories, and pick up on patterns.

It’s kind of cool to have a mini archive of your yearly activities. I like to look back at all that I’ve accomplished as a reminder of how much progress I’ve made towards my goals.


Do you use an agenda or a planner? Let me know how you use yours and what you like best about using one. I just can’t imagine going through life without a planner to keep me organized. If you don’t use an agenda or a planner, do you plan on starting? If not, why?


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