My Sephora Loves List || Will I EVER Pull the Trigger?

Makeup is EXPENSIVE. I visit Sephora’s website way too often, and the pretty new products always tempt me. I have Sephora Rouge status as proof of my obsession! While I love splurging on new makeup, it’s not exactly a budget-friendly interest. I’ve been trying to be more cautious about what I purchase — reading reviews, waiting for sales, and taking a good look at whether I’d really get good use out of it. Sephora has an option for you to tag products to a “Loves List,” so basically a Pinterest board for makeup. Recently, I’ve watched quite a few Youtubers share their Sephora Loves List and it’s interesting to see what everyone adds and why. I thought it would be fun to share mine!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.33.07 AM

I’ve actually already tried the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and I love it! It holds a curl really well and it’s perfect for everyday wear. The main reason I have it on my Loves List is so I remember to repurchase it when I’m looking to replenish my mascara stash — I like to wait for sales for products that I go through super fast.

I also was able to get my hands on a sample of the Fenty foundation. I like it, but I’m not quite sure that I love it. Right now I have plenty of other foundations I want to give a shot, so I’ll probably try another sample in the future before I consider purchasing a full bottle.

First Aid Beauty has some of my favorite skincare products, namely my HG moisturizer (FAB Ultra Repair Cream). This little sampler set seems like a good deal! I want to try the exfoliating products from the brand, so maybe I’ll pick this up when I go through my serums from The Ordinary.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk is SO tempting. So many people rave about the palette, but $65 is a steep price for eyeshadow. I have a hard time justifying this one, especially when there are so many cheap dupes out there. I’m talking to you, Bad Habit Athena palette!
Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.33.24 AM

The KVD Alchemist Palette is so dreamy. I love how versatile these powders are — you can use them on their own, as toppers, and as mix-ins. Again, though, it’s a little bit pricey for something that’s more of a novelty product. I don’t wear unusual colors on the regular so I fear I won’t get the best use out of this palette.

Pretty much same for KVD Saint & Sinner, but it looks like I missed the window of opportunity any way!

As for the Lancome Juicy Shaker, I think I added this onto my List when they were on sale for $11 during Sephora’s Weekly Wow Sale. I’m curious! I will not be paying $22 for this, though.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.33.31 AM

I have two different Marc Jacobs palettes on here. There have been mixed reviews depending on the color variations of the Eye-Conic collection, but these are two palettes that I think I’d get great use out of. They’re luxe-looking and luxe-feeling, so they’ll definitely be a splurge when I deserve ’em.

I’m not sure I’ll ever purchase anything from Natasha Denona seeing that her prices are ASTRONOMICAL. Spending over $100 on eyeshadow just seems ridiculous to me, no matter how financially capable you are. I will say that her products seem to be of excellent quality, and she does a great job with composing beautiful palettes. Maybe one day!

The Sephora brush set seems like a good deal, but I actually just bought some brushes from Morphe. Maybe in the future I’ll circle back around to this one.

I’m honestly surprised that the Smashbox Shadow + Highlighting Palette Set is still available– I was under the impression that this was LE for the holidays. I think Smashbox products are extremely underrated. Their packaging is kind of no-frills so they’re easy to forget about, but I’ve had amazing experiences with all of the products I’ve tried. The little Cover Shot palettes got awesome reviews and the value of this set is unbelievable.

What about you guys? I’d love to hear about what’s on your Loves List. Let me know below! If you have any thoughts on these products, I’d also love to hear them. Maybe you can convince me to place an order!

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