Morphe at Ulta – New Brushes and Drugstore Beauty Goodies

Okay, everyone’s heard of Morphe — you’ve probably heard about 500 influencers offering you their discount-affiliate code. Morphe is known for their super inexpensive eyeshadow palettes and makeup brushes. I’d always been hesitant to try the brand because it was available online only. Because they’re pretty inexpensive, I was worried they’d be low quality and I didn’t want to take the risk and buy them without having them in my hands first. When Morphe started introducing their products at Ulta, I got excited! Ulta has a great return policy, so even if the brushes turned out to be absolute crap, I had a failsafe. Keep reading to find out what I picked up from Morphe at Ulta, as well as some other drugstore makeup goodies!

The Goods

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Here’s what I picked up:

Morphe Eye Slay Brush Set

Morphe Complexion Goals Brush Set

Morphe M506 Tapered Mini Blender Brush

NYX HD Finishing Powder in Banana

NYX Holographic Halo Finishing Powder in Mermazing

Morphe Eye Slay Brush Set ($18USD,

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This brush set came with 6 brushes plus a nice little gold case.

The brushes, from left to right, are:

crease fluff brush, deluxe blender brush, pencil crease brush, bent liner brush, flat concealer brush, and oval shadow brush.

I found that the brushes included, particularly the blending brushes and the pencil brush, complemented the brushes that I already owned. The white-haired brushes are definitely rougher and more prone to shedding than the super soft white-tipped brushes, but the roughness helps to pack on pigment. I enjoy the gold handles — they feel nice and substantial. For $18, you really can’t beat it.

Complexion Goals Brush Set ($25USD,

This face brush set matches the eye set beautifully. With 5 brushes and a slightly larger gold case, I think this set is wonderful quality — minus the fan brush. I don’t enjoy fan brushes to begin with and this one felt cheap and kind of useless.

The brushes, from left to right, are:

deluxe angle brush, pro flat buffer brush, deluxe pointed contour brush, precision pointed powder brush, and deluxe highlight fan brush. 

Similarly to the eye set, these were brushes that I did not already own. My favorites are the two pointed brushes — they are so incredible soft and versatile. I actually like using the pointed contour brush to get a diffused bronze around the perimeters of my face. Again, the white haired brushes were rougher and shedded a little, but the angle brush does a good job of depositing color right where you want it to.

Morphe M506 Tapered Mini Blending Brush ($6USD, with VSCO with fs4 preset

This brush is fantastic quality. While it was “pricier” by Morphe standards, I think the quality shows. The bristles are crazy soft and this blends out small areas effortlessly. I used this to pack on and diffuse the deepest shades in a halo eye, and it was so seamless. I also like this for defining the crease and outer corners.

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NYX Holographic Halo Finishing Powder in Mermazing ($11.99USD, and NYX HD Finishing Powder in Banana ($9.99USD, with VSCO with fp4 preset

I hate to say it, but the banana powder reminded me of why I spend so much money on luxury face powders. This pressed powder is chalky and it gives a cakey finish. Not impressed. The Holographic Halo powder is actually super nice — it’s very finely milled and can be dusted on as a soft highlight or built up for something more intense. The purple-blue duochrome shift is stunning!

I’ll be playing around with these some more so I can update you on any new feelings. Is there anything you’re interested in seeing more of? I’m so excited to see more of what Ulta will keep in stock from Morphe and other up and coming brands. I hope to pick up some of Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes as well as some stuff from Flower Beauty. If you’ve tried anything new from Ulta, let me know what you’ve thought of it!

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