Hairspiration 2018

Does anyone else wait until their old haircut is completely unrecognizable before they get another cut? I am the queen (not sure if I should be proud of this hehe) of letting my hair grow out until my ends are uneven, my roots are flat, and I can only wear my hair in a ponytail. I’ve been super into sleek cuts and blunt ends recently, à la influencer Mariah Leonard. I made a spur of the moment hair appointment, and now I’ve got a cute little A-line lob to play with. Keep reading for some inspo I’ve been into recently!

The Chop

A little about my hair — it’s super fine, super straight, and SUPER greasy. I had reached the point where my hair had grown out so much that it didn’t even have the A-line cut I previously had gotten, not to mention it was crazy flat and just really unflattering. After my own little “will they won’t they” internal debate, I booked an impromptu hair appointment to make a change.

I’m pretty lowkey with my hair. In terms of priorities, I’d rather have on a stellar makeup look than something awe-spiring done with my hair. That kind of drives the decisions I make with haircuts — I want something low maintenance and flattering so I don’t have to think about it. I’ve really been loving A-line hairstyles because, 1. my hair grows out much faster in the back and I *hate* how it looks to have it super long back there, 2. they flatter my face shape, elongating my chin and slimming down my cheeks, and 3. they give that little bit of edge with zero styling effort.

With my ideal style in mind, I went in and chopped off quite a bit of length to get rid of all those icky dry ends. Finally, my hair had some body to it! To be honest, there’s something kind of empowering about changing your hair drastically. Especially when I go significantly shorter, I find that I gain a new confidence because I love how I look outside of my comfort zone. I felt SUPER sassy after I got my hair cut and styled, so I immediately threw on this amazing bold red lipstick from NARS in the shade Rita (SHOP: $34, Nars Audacious Lipstick – Rita).  Can I just mention that this lipstick formula is one of the best I’ve tried? It’s so silky smooth and richly pigmented, plus the red shade is absolutely stunning on my olive skin. Yeah, it’s pricey, but if you are in the mood to treat yourself to a little piece of luxury, it’s a great choice.


So that’s *my* hairspiration for 2018. Let me share with you the influencers I’ve drawn a ton of inspiration from, plus some great products for styling.

Mariah Leonard (@mariahlleonard)

Queen of cool girl hair & makeup.

Kristin Ess (@kristin_ess)

Better known as the genius behind Lauren Conrad’s hair. I swear by her hair products, as well — they’re packaged in chic & sleek millennial pink tones PLUS they’re affordable. Since switching to her “The One” shampoo & conditioner, I’ve become a part of the Kristen Ess cult.

Isabella Fiori (@isabella_fiori)

So effortlessly chic and tousled.

View this post on Instagram

I guess the view is okay 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Cami Mendes (@camimendes)

It’s so unfair when someone is so cool, but ALSO so pretty.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite styling tools & products:

Ghd Platinum Professional Styler – Perfect for both smoothing strands for a sleek look and adding waves for a tousled look

Kristin Ess Hair – When I say try EVERYTHING, I mean it. My personal faves are The One Shampoo & Conditioner and the Leave-in Conditioner.

Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo – For oily-haired girls (like REALLY oily), this is a savior. It not only sops up every bit of grease, but it gives your hair so much volume. While it’s a bit on the pricey side, it works well and you don’t need as much product as other less-effective dry shampoos.

What are your favorite products? I’d love to try out some new ones, especially on the  more affordable side.

The Offbeat Venusian

*DISCLAIMER: In partnership with Nordstrom, some offers and product links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission should you make a purchase. HOWEVER, I have not received any of these products for free from Nordstrom & all thoughts are my own honest opinion/experience. 

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