MAC Fruity Juicy Collection: Oh My, Passion Pearlmatte Powder

MAC comes out with so many amazing limited edition collections and collaborations. It’s hard to keep track of all of them, but every once in a while, the packaging or colorways really catch my eye. When the Fruity Juicy collection released last year, I was so intrigued by the colorful packaging and the special edition (now permanent) scented Fix +. You can imagine my excitement when I saw the Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte powder at my Cosmetics Company Store (discounted Estee Lauder brand makeup) for 30% off outlet price! I also picked up some other goodies, but I wanted to share this find because it’s just such a wonderful product.


Can we talk about the amazing packaging? From the pretty tropical print to the multicolor floral press, this powder just speaks to my inner summer. The finish of the powder is very light in texture and the “pearlmatte” finish is very accurate — somewhat of a matte-satin hybrid. I think my favorite thing is the powder’s versatility, both in use and in skintone compatibility. You can combine all of the shades for a beautiful bronzed, luminous blush, or you can use the individual shades (they’re really well-pigmented!) for blush, highlight, bronzer, or eyeshadows. I’m sure this would flatter really deep skintones as a blush topper or highlight, as well as fair skintones as a blush or bronzer. On my own medium complexion, this nails the blush-highlight category.

Did anyone get their hands on anything else in the collection? I’ve heard so many good things about the full line. Let me know what you think about this one! Would you have purchased it?

xoxo The Offbeat Venusian

Isaiah 43:2 When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.

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