BECCA Bright Eyes Collection: Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer

I have found 1, maybe 2, concealers that don’t make my dry, crinkly under eyes look 20 years more mature than they actually are. I tend to stick to my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer because it looks like skin without completely drying me out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s relatively inexpensive, either. Before finding the Maybelline concealer, I probably tried hundreds of overpriced eye creams and gimmicky correctors/concealers. Then, the Becca Bright Eyes Collection started popping up all over the place. I was hesitant until I saw the pictures and the reviews. Before and after shots showed eye bags miraculously de-puffing and smoothing out, and the reviews seemed to corroborate the claims. With low expectations but a lot of optimism, I ordered the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer from Sephora and anxiously awaited my package’s arrival.

About the collection (1).png

Becca is one of my favorite brands for complexion products. I happen to love their bronzers and highlighters — you probably have heard ALL about Champagne Pop. The Bright Eyes collection has 3 pieces, designed to de-puff, brighten, and set. I only have one of the pieces, the Anti-Fatigue Primer, but feel free to send over the rest of the collection ;). Can we talk about the marketing, too? Becca posted these beautiful pictures with some of the key ingredients as the background. Genius.

Here are the three products in order of routine and their claims:

Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer – ($32USD,

As you can see, this is a stunning product. My favorite part of the packaging is the really subtle holo-reflective logo. It adds an element of luxury that makes me feel so *fancy,* even at 6 in the morning when my eyes are ballooned up with that AM face. There is a slight cooling effect, it works to de-puff and smooth out eyes, and it sets a base for concealers to go on flawlessly.

Under Eye Brightening Corrector – ($32USD,

This looks like a re-formulation of the backlight color correctors Becca used to have. The corrector comes in two peachy shades for lighter and deeper skin tones. Using color theory, the peachy colors will cancel out any darkness in that undereye area. I’m assuming you can use this product either alone or underneath a concealer, but I have yet to try this product at all! I’m intrigued by the “crushed pearls,” but I also feel like so many products use a similar ingredient that this isn’t completely ground-breaking.

Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder – ($25USD,

The final step, locking everything into place, is this Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder. Normally, under eye powders that are this white scare me. I have nightmares of flashback eyes! I don’t see anything about reflective properties in this powder, so that seems promising. What sets this apart from other similar products, I think, is the skincare benefits of raspberry stem cells. They supposedly have antioxidant properties, which are really great anti-aging solutions. I’ve watched a few demos on Youtube and this powder seems to really smooth out concealer, so I’m keen to testing it out for myself.

About the collection (2).png

The packaging is the first thing I noticed. From the sleek acrylic casing to the beautiful holographic logo, I love how simple but elevated it is. I like that the actual product is a minty blue — it makes my undereyes feel refreshed just by looking at it! For the price ($32USD at Sephora), this is a tiny product. However, the balmy texture means you need just a little bit of product, and it appears like it’s something that will go a long way.


When I patted this on under my eyes, I really had to make sure there was even any product transferring onto my skin. It was that thin in consistency, which makes sense seeing that it’ll be applied under some other products. Immediately, I did not notice any significant changes in puffiness, but I did feel a very faint cooling sensation after a minute. I appreciate how faint it is because the eyes are very sensitive, and a strong icy sensation could bring about Icy Hot results. I let the product sit on my skin for a few minutes and my skin had a nice smooth slip to it.

How the primer fared with the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer — you can obviously still see my natural creases, but this is so amazing for my dry and crackly under eyes!

I’ve tested this under two different concealers so far — the Colourpop No Filter concealer and the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. The Colourpop concealer, in the past, has NOT worked with my skin. I have never had a concealer look so horrible on my eyes — dryness, creasing, clumpiness. Over this primer, it definitely looked better. Still a little dry, but there was no flakiness or creasing! This was the ultimate test for me. I was excited to see how this primer improved my favorite concealer, the Age Rewind. I’m happy to say that this gave my under eye area the perfect dewy look. I set it with my usual powder, the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder in Light/Translucent, and I needed so much less to set the concealer. I can’t stop looking at my under eyes and how smooth they look.

Natural lighting & no editing — primer paired with the same Maybelline concealer. Seriously impressed.

I still have to play around with this product before I share my final thoughts, but take my first impressions with a grain of salt if you are looking for a product that will transform your under-eye routine. The effectiveness of this primer makes me want to go out and buy the entire collection, and you know what? I probably will. Let me know if you’ve tried the Becca Bright Eyes collection at all and what you think!

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